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Congratulations to our fantastic drama club students who performed really well in the Edinburgh Fringe today. What an achievement!



Fantastic work! Well done to all. Mr E



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Ok folks, here are the details for logging in and writing a new post. Firstly you need to go to and sign in with username: forrestermusicstudent and password: forrestermusic. Once you are in you need to be careful about how you write a new post. You have to go to the top right hand side of the screen and click on forrestermusicstudent and then go down to Drama@Forrester where a new menu appears to the left. At this point you need to click on new post (which is under dashboard) and write your post. Remember to give it a title and add your name at the end so we know who you are. Once you are finished you need to scroll to the bottom of this page and click on “submit for review” and that’s it! Your post will then come to me and I will approve it straight away so get signed in and make good use of this blog! Mr E

Welcome Back

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Welcome back to all Drama students! We hope you’ve all had a nice holiday and are back ready to go. Please use this Blog to discuss all things Drama. If you are off to see a show/play then let us know about it and how it went here. If you have any information about Drama or you are involved in Drama work outside school then tell us here. Use this space as a way of letting Drama students know any relevant info about the subject.